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Zhanhua Binbo Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Chinese winter jujube, the ecologically beautiful Zhanhua County Chengbei Industrial Park. The factory covers an area of 70 acres, mainly engaged in research and development and production of fine chemical products.Currently has an annual production capacity ofNitromethane, withO-Methylisourea hemisulfate, O-methyl-N-nitroisourea, N,O-dimethyl-N'-nitrosourea ,Magnesium sulfate.The products are exported to the Americas, Japan, India, Europe, the Middle East and other regions, forming two major international and domestic markets.

The company has always adhered to the concept of scientific development, harmonious development, resource-saving, environmental and eco-friendly, led by science and technology, increased investment in research and development, hired relevant experts and professors, and took advantage of the complete functional facilities of the industrial park to form production. A generation, a generation, a generation, and a generation of circular development pattern.The company will surely make great progress in the support and care of all walks of life and the hard work of all employees. 

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Add: Chuangye Road 3 ,No.13, Chengbei Industrial Park, Zhanhua District, Binzhou City, Shandong,China
Sales call:+86-18605432207 +86-18605432208
Fax: +86-543-7655599
WECHAT:15275598871 QQ: 43059184
E-mail: sales@binbochem.com

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